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Timber Harvesting

Our main activity is contract harvesting commercial timber on behalf of UK wood using industries.
We harvest over 800,000 m3 of timber per year throughout Scotland. The scale of our infrastructure and wide range of harvesting machinery gives the flexibility to be responsive to individual customer requirements throughout Scotland.


Our Harvesting fleet

With an up to date fleet of harvesting machinery operated by highly trained and experienced staff, we have the capacity to handle all types of operation on the roughest of terrain throughout Scotland.

Our core machinery are Tigercat Harvesters and Forwarders.

To supplement these machines we also use products from- John Deere, Komatsu, Ponsse and Silvatec.


A variety of operations

Operations range from small scale thinning programmes to large scale clear fell sites on steep , difficult terrain.

For each site, the optimum harvesting unit is selected to ensure a high quality, efficient harvest for both timber grower and wood user.

We have a proven track record over many years of high production and completing jobs to contract  terms and within agreed schedule.


Specialist thinnings


A new addition to our fleet is the Tigercat 1135 eight-wheel drive thinnings harvester fitted with Logmax harvester head. The 1135 is a lightweight, narrow and robust harvester.


Designed for working in specialist thinnings where narrow access racks may be required or where there may be sensitive environmental constraints regarding ground disruption. We have the only Tigercat 1135 working in Scotland.



We closely monitor harvesting operations to ensure work is carried out to the highest standards. Best practice in regards to Forest and Water Guidelines and minimising potential for siltation of water courses , fuel spillage etc are closely followed.

Where necessary water courses are filtered. We work within Scottish Environmental Protection Authority (SEPA) guidelines for commercial timber harvesting.


Health and Safety

We have a skilled and experienced workforce. All our machine operators hold Forest Machinery Operator Certificates for the machinery they operate.

First Aid training and refresher courses are given to all our staff. Site risk assessments are completed for every job covering lone working procedures, identifying potential site hazards etc and covering agreed safeguarding procedures.


If you would like to know more about our Timber Harvesting service please contact:
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